View from our hotel window

We have now been in Steamboat (or as the locals call it ‘The Boat’) for a couple of days. Our hotel room has spectacular views of the mountain and a very cozy fire. Last night was Valentines Day and there was a fireworks show and a some red flares appeared on the ski slope in the shape of a huge heart … very romantic.

The snow has continued falling but this has led to really poor visibility on the mountain. This is our first time here and there are 165 ski runs so we still have no idea where we were skiing. We had some great runs in thigh deep powder and had to stick close to the trees to get some definition. The powder is really light and dry – they call it ‘champagne powder’. Our hotel has outdoor hot tubs so we are taking advantage of these to soothe the aching muscles.

This is a cowboy town. Lots of country music playing over the outside loudspeakers and most of the staff wearing cool stetson hats. It is a huge resort and will get pretty busy this weekend. There is a public holiday on Monday … Presidents Day.