Greg enjoying the early morning powder 


Cruising through the trees

As you can see from the photos today was a day you dream of as a skier – fresh overnight snow and sunny skies. Have a look at the photos on flickr and notice the vapour trail I am leaving. I’ve never seen this anywhere else in the world. Everyone is probably sick of me raving about this light and dry powder but it has really blown me away. A local guy told me that when the overnight snow piles up on top of his car he just has to slam a door and it all falls off leaving no residue.

You may have noticed the new ski jacket (SES orange) – Cathy can now find me much more easily. We have both bought new ski jackets, the clothes are so cheap in America.

Sadly, we have to leave Steamboat tomorrow. We are driving a hire car to Breckenridge. The roads have been pretty bad lately due to record snowfalls so I hope this brief stint of fine weather continues.