Cathy-in-VailCathy in heavy snow on bridge in Vail


Part of Vail village

Our plan was to pick a fine day to do battle with the traffic on the Interstate 70 freeway and drive to Vail. Typical of our planning it really dumped snow all the way. The road was really snowy with no lane marking lines visible and blowing snow adding to the challenge. Trucks had to fit chains to cross the Vail Pass so conditions were pretty dodgy. We made it safely and parked in the $25 per day undercover carpark in Vail.

Once again when we were in a resort for the first time, the snow bucketed down all day … big fat fluffy flakes (around 40cm). The gondola we rode up in had heated seats and WiFi. Visibility was poor and of course it was my fault that we ended up in the back bowls for our warm up runs. The snow was deep and the skiing amazing. We stopped for morning tea at Two Elks restaurant – this was the biggest mountain eatery I have ever seen.

Vail is the largest ski resort on North America and we found it all a bit overwhelming. You could ski there for a week and still not see the whole mountain. Everything was really nice … even the ski racks were flash. There were many amazing sculptures all around the village. Lots of the rich and famous ski here so we pretended to be part of that scene. I’m sure some people come just for the shopping and dining. It was interesting to walk around the paved and heated streets just looking at the people.